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Are you an exhausted parent with a little one who doesn’t sleep soundly no matter what you try?

I’m Caroline, a gentle, holistic baby and toddler sleep consultant with years of professional infant experience.

Whatever sleep struggles your little one is going through, you’re not alone. I’m here to help. Offering you support and gentle, positive strategies to promote quality sleep for all the family.


It can be hard when you’re all exhausted as a family. Perhaps you feel stuck and can’t see a clear way forward. Knowing what to do next as well as finding the confidence to make sleep changes can feel huge. Getting in touch with me for guidance and support is the first step to making a positive change towards the family life you all deserve.

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I work with a holistic and gentle approach. This is at the heart of all my sleep coaching work. I believe it’s empowering for parents and respectful to children. Each family is different. Every baby is unique. That’s why all my consultations are special and from them, I create sleep plans that offer solutions that are just right for your family.

Are you ready to get more sleep?

Whatever your infant sleep concerns, I can help you all be more rested to enjoy the family life you all deserve…

“Caroline helped us transition from our baby co-sleeping & waking to feed every hour to moving her into her own room. Now our baby sleeps all night & naps for 2 hours at lunchtime. Caroline was always there for advice throughout & I recommend her highly!”

Dad | 12-month-old

“My daughter now sleeps through the night, only waking once or twice when she is genuinely hungry. Her naps are also now regular and routine. The difference in our baby’s mood and temperament now that she sleeps well is amazing. We now have a happy baby!”

Mum | 5 -month-old

“He is doing so well. The majority of the time he sleeps through without needing help from us. I can’t thank you enough as the change has been phenomenal. We were a bit lost before we contacted you and it’s so great to have better sleep. Thank you so much!”

Mum | 5 -month-old

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How My Sleep Coaching Works…

Do I really need to pay for a professional to help me?

It can be hard when you’re in a difficult situation (and often a vicious circle) with poor sleep and negative sleep associations such as rocking or feeding, to be able to stand back and look clearly at your situation. The truth is, babies and toddlers, will wake sometimes during the night. It’s normal for us all to wake at night, even as adults! Their sleeping only becomes an issue when it’s impacting on others in the family.

Sometimes finding the confidence to make sleep changes alone can feel huge. Often there’s a pressure of going back to work after maternity leave as well as feelings of isolation if you have little or no family network close by to support you. If the negative effects of sleep deprivation are affecting you and your family then this is why it can be so useful to have a professional like The Little Sleep Coach step in to guide you. Once we’ve had a consultation, things can seem clearer and you’ll see light at the end of your sleep-deprived tunnel. Promise!

How do you work?

The first thing to know is I work with a holistic and gentle approach. This is at the heart of everything I do with family sleep work!

I value and respect the wishes of each and every family. I’ll work with you by looking at your little one’s sleep patterns, timings, amounts, their feeding, overall health, environment & behaviour. Using my advice and your choices, the result is creating an effective sleep plan that you feel you can genuinely work with to get positive sleep results.

For more information about what I offer families, in London and across the UK have a read of my sleep packages.

how long until sleep success?

The results will vary as each child is unique and individual. It is usually within a week to ten days that you can expect to see change. Sometimes sleep shifts can happen within a few nights, other times it can be more than 3 weeks. It depends on what the concerns are, how old your child is, how consistent you are able to be with the new plan and if there are any disruptions such as trips away, teething etc. For all the deluxe consultations, I offer 4 weeks support to ensure things go as smoothly as possible and support you while the changes are being made.


If you’d like to move forward with a consultation you can BOOK. Or if you’d like to know more then you can schedule in a FREE discovery call with me. This gives us a chance to get to know each other a little and see how I can best help. Click here to get started! If you prefer, you can email me.

I’m exhausted. Do you guarantee this will work?

I hear you. You’re soooo tired and really want a promise of how things will change. Sadly, there is no absolute guarantee that a child’s sleep will improve. What I can guarantee is my promise to you.

I promise I will always be honest and work my hardest to give you everything I’ve got to make your sleep situation better! I’ll use my training and experience to study your family situation, to provide advice and suggestions based on the information you give me through our consultation. Check out my client love to see how happy I’ve made other families!

will my baby cry?

Within any sleep plan I create for a family, there’ll be gentle sleep strategies which are intended to be implemented consistently over the coming days and weeks for positive change to occur. This doesn’t mean I can guarantee no crying at all. Some changes to an infants sleep may make them feel a little confused and upset. They may wonder why they aren’t being offered the same way they first got to sleep. Don’t worry, they can learn these new ways of sleeping better. You need to have patience and trust in the process; feel confident in allowing your little one space and opportunity to learn to settle themselves to sleep, with you supporting them and meeting their needs all the way.

I absolutely believe in meeting the needs of your little one every step of the way and don’t use any kind of ‘crying it out’ methods.  This is where they are left to cry themselves to sleep. This may work in the sense that the infant will quickly realise ‘no-one comes to comfort me’. They will eventually fall asleep through exhaustion. Any parent knows how distressing this experience can be and is usually a last resort made out of desperation. If this is something that is a concern for you, we can chat about this during our consultation.

What else do I need to know?

I’m guided by The Lullaby Trust for safe infant sleep advice and feel it’s important that every family I work with has an understanding of safe sleep as well. I’m passionate about promoting and supporting the work they do. We can talk about any concerns you may have about safe sleep during our consultation.

I’m not able to give medical advice. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your child’s health please consult a trained medical professional.

All consultations and Care Calls will be invoiced and need to be paid in full prior to the session beginning. 

In preparation for our consultation, I’ll have spent some time looking at your family circumstances and made notes from your completed paperwork. Also, to ensure I can support as many families that need help, I aim to schedule sessions weeks in advance as well offering last-minute consultations where possible. For these reasons, I do have a cancellation policy:

Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to arranged consultation date will not be refunded.

Cancellations prior to 48 hours will be 50% refunded.

What other support do you offer?

As well as my sleep packages, I write an (almost!) regular blog full of sleep support and advice.

I visit regular family meetups and new parent coffee mornings for free across London so do to check on my social media when and where my next stop will be!

I’ll also be launching online baby sleep courses in the Summer of 2019. Join my little sleep community to stay on top of all the news (and grab your FREE copy of The Ultimate Infant Sleep Guide!)