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Mum | 15-month-old

“Our daughter was addicted to the breast & therefore would only sleep with me. She would not sleep enough, would wake numerous times during the night & she was tired most days. The sleep deprivation was getting to me as she wouldn’t settle with my husband & I wanted to stop breastfeeding. I am against controlled crying and other such techniques so hearing that The Little Sleep Coach was about gentle solutions appealed. Caroline is a lovely, patient, easy to talk to & knowledgeable person.

We had a detailed consultation where she recommended numerous changes immediately followed by a detailed sleep plan which included advice on implementing the changes. As soon as we started making changes, both my daughter and I started getting more sleep and I also got my evenings back. Caroline has given me the support & motivation to be persistent and has followed up with my progress. I highly recommend Caroline, we are very glad that we contacted her for help” 

Mum | 10-month-old

“Her sleep is much more manageable. She naps in the pram, not on me which is better!  Since night weaning she feeds a lot more in the day now and doesn’t soak through her night nappies which all helps! Caroline was a listening ear when I needed it most. Sleep deprivation really is a horrendous thing to experience and makes caring for your new baby so much harder then it needs to be. She offered sensible, helpful ideas tailored to my baby as an individual which I really appreciated” 

Mum | 12-month-old twins

“The boys are only getting up once in the night now (down from 5 times!) and we’ve had the odd sleep through the night too. New nap schedule is much better now too so thank you so much” 

Mum | 3-year-old

“My husband and I really appreciate the help of Caroline. Our 3 1/2-year-old daughter has been a decent sleeper BUT even at 3, she was still dependent on her bottle to help her fall asleep and she needed it whenever she woke up at night to resettle. Hence she still had to wear a nappy at night after she drank milk to help her fall asleep. Using Caroline’s advice, we managed to get rid of the bottle AND night nappies within just a few days; our toddler now sleeps through the night without waking up at all. We’re now consulting Caroline on improving the sleep of our 1-year old. Thank you so much, Caroline, for all your help” 

Mum | 4-month-old

“We reached out to Caroline just before the arrival of our first baby. Both of us felt quite nervous about ‘getting it right’. It felt really important to us to know how to help our baby sleep as well as possible. Via FaceTime, we talked through what to expect in those early weeks and months. Caroline sent us a valuable sleep plan full of really useful advice and suggestions based on what we’d talked about. It really felt as though Caroline really listened to our concerns as anxious new parents! Our little girl is not so little anymore but at now 4 months old, we can say she has a great routine and sleeps beautifully! Thank you!” 

Dad | 12-month-old

“We engaged Caroline to assist us to make the transition from our 12-month-old baby co-sleeping and waking up every hour to moving her into her own room. After a personal home visit, Caroline created a unique sleep program which we implemented over a few phases. Now our baby sleeps from 7.30pm – almost every day. She also naps solidly for two hours during the day like clockwork! Caroline was always there for help and advice throughout the process and has a genuine interest and passion for what she does. I recommend her highly, we found her to be an absolute delight to work with from the initial home visit all the way through the process” 

Mum | 5-month-old

“Before Caroline’s help, my daughter was sleeping terribly following the 4-month regression and was reliant on being fed to sleep. Some nights she was waking every 30 minutes and her day naps were short and very erratic. After a detailed consultation, Caroline provided us with a sleep plan and we saw positive results straight away. My daughter now sleeps through the night, only waking once or twice when she is genuinely hungry. Her naps are also now regular and routine. The difference in our baby’s mood and temperament now that she sleeps well is amazing – we now have a happy baby! My husband and I can’t thank Caroline enough for her help, advice and support and we highly recommend The Little Sleep Coach for anyone who has similar issues to us. We are so pleased we asked for help!” 

Mum | 2-year-old

“Caroline has helped improve my little girl’s sleep and my sanity. She advised me to adjust my daughter’s sleep and nap times and made some other changes to her bedtime routine which after three weeks, have started making, not only bedtime easier, but reduced her nighttime wakings as she’s learning to put herself to sleep with the gentle sleep plan implemented with Caroline’s help. This is not a quick magic fix but a way to help me understand and enhance sleep and bedtime for us both. If you’re struggling, I’d highly recommend Caroline – it felt like she listened to me and was so supportive during and after” 

Mum | 12 months old

“Been trying everything we talked about and we had one night where he slept straight through!!! From 6.30pm to 6.15am he didn’t wake up at all!!!! Other nights have been up and down but he hasn’t woken more than twice. Plus he has some big teeth at back coming thru so that doesn’t help. I think your advice was fantastic!! Thank you so much!! Last night he slept from 7.30pm until 9.00am this morning and did not wake up once!!! We thought he might be dead and had to check on him. Thank you so so much!!!!” 

Mum | 5 month old

“Thank you for your help. His sleep has improved! Thank you for giving us the confidence and support to help his sleep. The weaning info was really useful too as I am now beginning to introduce solids. All the best, thanks again”

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